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《24 hours sunshine》shows in Nanjing erutuF exhibition

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The ceramic art work "24 Hours of Sunshine" not only expresses a kind of tribute to the construction workers who have made practical contributions to urban development and renewal, but also to the laborers in different roles in the whole society. In the process of urban rejuvenation, A tribute to the economic and cultural efforts of the society. The work is created by the international group logARTon art group and consists of 100 yellow helmets made of ceramics.

Ms. Wang Fang, the founder of the logARTon art group, said that she was inspired by the work experience and practice of architectural design and urban renewal in the past 10 years, and thus created "24 Hours of Sunshine". She said: "In spring, summer, autumn and winter, no matter how bad the weather is, we can see the hard work of city builders, which enables the city to continuously develop, renew and regenerate. Even if the conditions are bad, they still maintain a positive attitude. Therefore, we have given the work this very positive name.

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Wang Fang, who had studied in Germany, saw the difference in urban renewal between China and Germany. She said: “In Germany, protection is not only about the buildings themselves, but also about preserving the local economic and social structure. This is of utmost importance. In China, people moved out, and we kept the building as a museum or restaurant, but its function was completely changed. The society and economy were also completely changed. Unlike in Europe, you can still see the old city life."

"24 Hours of Sunshine" has become an indispensable part of the "erutuF Lai Jiang" art exhibition with positive messages. While thinking about urban renewal, "24 Hours of Sunshine" allows us to pay attention to the various social roles in the advancement and rejuvenation of the city. Every day, migrants come to unfamiliar cities to participate in urban renewal. Whether they are architects, financial practitioners, artists, or grassroots workers, they are all making corresponding contributions to the city from their own perspectives. Therefore, safety helmets not only represent workers, but also these migrant workers. They are not only for engineering construction, but also for the city's economy, culture, etc. to make unremitting efforts.

"ErutuF Laijiang" has carried out a specific field project. In the process, it has promoted the local interaction in Nanjing Pukou District. As communities and individuals continue to work on the urban structure, more people will pay attention and attention on a larger platform. Appreciate the personal creations brought about through cooperation, exhibition and intervention. With the repeated emphasis on the extension and advancement, the ripples of urban space remodeling extend to the structure of individuals and communities. Time has allowed the dense and complex hierarchical structure of a city to spread to every corner of the city wantonly. Regardless of cultural transformation and personal tragedies brought about by individual cultures taking root in the hearts of the people, the call for gentrification has been actively responded to in all aspects. What is presented to the residents is that if they can accept the urban transformation, it is a space that they are not familiar with in this era.

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logARTon is a contemporary international art group, founded by Fang Wang, who is also a managing partner of logon urban architecture design. logARTon integrates art into the process of urban regeneration and creates more cultural and artistic spaces for cities, thus encouraging crossover cooperation between artists and designers. It provides a platform for artists, architects, and urban designers who are working on creating art from their own point of view, and integrates their thoughts and works into the space, enhancing urban space as well as giving it profound meaning to the user. December 18, 2015, logARTon helped WhyWhyArt organize the contemporary art exhibition “Babel Me” in Shanghai Museum of Glass and exhibited the video artwork "24282" days and its own installation artwork "24-Hour Sunshine". logARTon exhibits expressed how logon’s urban renewal projects affects society and different communities on multiple levels and how these changes influence individual thoughts and establishment of personal relationships.

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