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Controversy Between Architecture and Field: Nantong INNOSPRING Science and Technology Park

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The main business formats of the project are offices, corporate headquarters, retail businesses and apartments. The format positioning and proportions are based on a large number of surveys around the region and precise positioning based on the urban context. There is convenient transportation between the project and the new city center, and it is adjacent to the university town. The three plots are all residential areas on the north side, and a 25-meter-wide urban landscape green belt is planned on the south side.

Based on the development trend of a large number of start-ups in the university city, the office function is positioned as a creative industry park. High-quality park quality will attract cultural and creative elites in the city to settle in. High-end retail businesses and serviced apartments are positioned as necessary equipment for high-end people in the park and foreigners who come to negotiate.

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In order to create a splendid urban interface, the architect adopted the method of multiple changes under the limitation of the width and height of the base. Each building is divided into two parts with the same volume. The two parts are staggered and have a height difference at the same time. Even within the height limit, the designer can create a rich city skyline.

The staggered effect of the two blocks is not only achieved by retreat, but also through material differences. The main building is made of stone veneer, and some of the aluminum alloy grilles added are used to enrich the facade texture, and these grilles are more hidden. The role of air conditioning units and other equipment.

These techniques make the building present a simple and modern overall image, and the flexibility of the window openings is often transformed into a building image that injects vitality, forming similar elements on the building facade, so that the entire project's street facade achieves an overall unified effect, and also makes the entire project more recognizable.

The first floor of the fully transparent glass façade is all retail and commercial functions, which are open to both inside and outside, expressing the gene of freedom of the park, and also making the entire building block present a suspended visual effect under the distant view.

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Considering that the all-gray building facade will be slightly monotonous, and the narrow site lacks enough space for landscape design, the landscape architect painted the ground of the three plots with different colors according to the architectural function: The R&D building uses blue with a sense of technology; the corporate headquarters area uses passionate red; and the apartment and commercial areas use warm and friendly yellow and orange. These colorful ribbons surround the building and form a visual impact with the simple gray building. On the periphery of the ribbon, the green plants are also designed according to the same expression language.

The width and number of gradient color bands will also change according to the flow of human nature. The more people there are (such as the main entrance of a building), the more color layers there are, the wider the color band as a whole, and there is almost no color band in the traffic area. To a certain extent, the design functions as an identification system.

Customer Name: Nantong Chuangyuan Science and Technology Park
Project location: Nantong
Project address: Chongchuan Road, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province
Project Type: Creative Park
Project function: R&D office, headquarters office, retail business, serviced apartment
Service content: urban design, architectural design, landscape design, interior design
Project Status: Completed
Area: 59,700m2
Floor area ratio: 1.93
Building area: 152,500m2
Building height: 80m/40m
Photographer: Xue Yutao

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