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Ascendas Innovation Place is an example of a modernization project executed successfully through accurate decision-making through a "Full package service" followed through by The building is located at No. 686 Jiujiang Road, adjacent to Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street near People's Square and within walking distance of the Bund. The 14 stories tall building was designed in 1998 and its construction finalized in 2004. The building has a site area of 2,500 sqm and a total construction area of 27,850 sqm.

While located in a prime location, the area is characterized as a historical touristic district, therefore, protected like one. This historical and scenic area is bounded by Jiujiang Road, known for its business character. Being at the edge of the scenic area, more specifically in the limits of old and new buildings brings its own set of restrictions and therefore challenges.

WeChat Image_20210804102231.jpg

In modernization projects for existing buildings, short design cycles and early estimates for approval are key points for investor interest. To consider the approval process for different types of interventions can help minimize design changes as well as ensure smooth execution. In this case, creating harmony inside and out is the core design concept for the façade.

Giving a unique solution through positioning and design, the team aimed to through limited modifications upgrade the façade and the function. Precise positioning of the building as a Boutique Grade A office building was the foundation of the reshaping of the successful project.

The first and second floors of the building were designed to create an open space with better visibility. These were adapted to the new commercial atmosphere helping enhance the value of the building. Integrating food and retail, event area, co-working space and facilities to achieve brand reshaping.
Flexible and diversified co-working space, commercial space and an active creative community create a new office ecosystem, which meets the new “work + life” lifestyle and diversified needs of young white-collar workers.

The original shape of the design of the facade is formed by copying and rearranging the existing modular system of the Yongan department store building façade next door and bringing it to the facade to keep the proportion and pattern harmony. By installing a decorative glass curtain wall, the original aluminum structure wall with closed appearance was replaced, and the façades became transparent in the first and second floor. The seemingly complicated façade is composed only of three sizes of decorative plates. The façade decorative panel is a metal plate with stable physical properties, and pale gold matte surface reduces the impact on the surrounding environment.


The third and fourth floor also benefit of the metal panel since before they had no daylight and now thanks to the perforated panels the spaces in these floors are able to enjoy a better working environment with daylight coming through.

The interior design style is based on a simple style, without excessive decoration, focusing on practicality. The 7-14 room rates have increased by 5% due to interior design efforts. It’s electromechanical systems, lighting systems, fresh air filtration systems, and access control systems to provide hardware support for a more sophisticated office were also upgraded. The interior of the building is designed to respect the original functions and keep existing building evacuation stairs.

Maintaining the style simple and practical help to increase the height of the floor by 30 cm. Lighting design was applied to improve lighting issues and comfort in the interior spaces. Whilst in the corridors the original fire escape was kept, they were designed to have better lighting and spacious appearance with a generous elevator lobby in each floor. Quality is assured by the attention to detail by logon which was key for the success of this project. The high-quality level was achieved through On-site service led by, an important part of the process. By solving issues through design, smooth progress is ensured as well as quality.


The modernization of the Ascendas Innovation Place has created a new office ecosystem that combines coworking spaces, traditional office, and commercial market. Creating more healthy working environments and more stable tenants.

In this emblematic neighborhood, Ascendas Innovation Place has become a new landmark where life and work are perfectly integrated. QR.png
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