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The third editionof China Urban Regeneration Forum (CURF) was held in Foshan and Guangzhou respectively from 21 to 22 November, 2019. The award recognizes as an excellent designer for urban renewal and its project the Ascendas Plaza for urban renewal promotion and acceleration. Wang Fang, co-founder and CEO of, was invited to the forum for penal discussion themed as space innovation in urban renewal.

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Urban renewal is a multi-disciplined and systematical profession. In addition to traditional related parties including government, companies, as well as departments for planning and positioning, structure, asset management, and operation, Wang Fang added innovatively: "Nowadays, processing a project we also needs to analyze from intelligent technology, sociology, economics, etc.. Project design in the entire process, in my point of view, could top of the list meanwhile the last. As a multi-disciplined and stratigic work , only after clearing enginering problems especially the availble part for reconstruction can we start to the design; Design also tops because thanks to designer’s outstanding imagination towards spac, they explore lead the urban renewal with more value enhancement.


During the forum, an award ceremony was held for the CURF Top 10 Projects Awards. As an international design company stands locally, provides multi-disciplinary design service. The award recognizes as an excellent designer for urban renewal to attribute its breakthrough innovation that brings asset enhancement to old buildings.

Meanwhile,’s project - the Ascendas Plaza won the award for urban renewal promotion and acceleration. The design endows Ascendas (formerly the Baolong Building) a new architectural function, helps developer for its asset enhancement planning. It has become a new landmark in the diversified neighbourhood of the Nanjing East Road section which is a historically protected district in Shanghai.

Themed as retain the memory of the city, create value with the renewal, this edition continues to invite leading industry players to deliver live speeches and penal discussions on how to launch urban renewal projects strategically by applying new capital, business and technologies.


About the CURF

The China Urban Regeneration Forum gathers leading industry players aiming to promote the mutual learning and sharing ofsuccessful experiences around the world. It is a platform for efficient and trusting cooperation and exchange of the industry. In order to accelerate the upgrading and innovation of concepts and practices, it has become a grand industry conference with significant influence in China. QR.png
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