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When nature meets modern, how creativeand multi-functional office parks are now interpreting integrating lifestylefor people's production, business and living.

Situated in Jiangning District, Nanjing City, the site of Jiulonghu International Headquarters Park is strategically located at Nine Dragon Lake, half way between Nanjing CBD and Nanjing Airport. Closing to highways and metro stations,the park takes favorable location as a most international and high-end CBD in Jiangning District. This new build project for urban design covers an area of 23.3 hectare including an attractive mix of business retail and hospitality functions in a natural setting. It creates a unique place for both productive work and quality living. In terms of business, has created three types of office environments, which helped limit the financial risk and maximize the return on investment for the client.

How to stand out from the competion using the lake view?

At the corner of Qingshuiting West Road and SuYuan Avenue, the site has a size of 300 meters long in the north-south axis and 200 meters broad in theeast-west axis. The target of the project was to develop a sustainable high-tech science park among mixed surroundings: offices, production facilities and universities. The site sitting in the middle of almost all facilities, business services and residential support undone, concluded three key points before making this area to be a sustainable and high-end CBD: first, the targeted tenants would be skilled and high-tech knowledge intensive companies facing a large office space of 320,000 square meters; second, for companies who are looking for a new location, the availability of skilled people is the most important and it is crucial for new office parks to create a nice and attractive working environment; third, best minds demand the best workspace to bring their superiority into full play. Focusing the above points, aims to create a mixed functional park meanwhile to be high-end, natural, relaxing, and attractive.

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Three different office areas to fit different kinds of users and space requirements has created three different office areas to fit different kinds of user and space requirements: headquarter office low-rise buildings, economic office buildings and grade-A landmark office towers. The design makes the most out of the excellent location of the site at the lake. The buildings are located from the near to the distant due to different height so that eighty percent office spaces enjoy a view on the lake.

Headquarter office buildings are situated facing the lake directly and enjoying unique lakeview. This individual business building stand alone and have direct access to the lake and provides exclusive office spaces for firms seeking to occupy awhole building as regional or China headquarters.

Economic office buildings offer mainly affordable but quality office space for all kinds of busi¬ness. Tenants can install their own air condition system. The highest buildings of the economy office zone have a height of 80 meters and 17 floors. They offer mainly offices, but also provide commercial, leisure in the podium. The building in the south of the second area provides serviced apartments that offer a beautiful lakeview. Besides communal facilities, its private club service welcome guest for either short or long stay.

The yellow-colored landmark office tower covers 9.3 hectare at the north side which is a Grade-Aoffice high-rise tower facilitated with central air conditioning and ventilation system. The high¬est tower in the north-west has 27 floors and reaches 113.9 meters inheight. Facing the downtown of Nanjing and visible from the streets, the ensemble towers act as a landmark for giving the park a clear identity and making it recognizable from a distance. Two red towers stand aside are apartment and hotel with small retail facilitates at the podium.


A mix of urban and natural settings

The main idea behind the Central Public Space is the creation of a community area, where people can exchange ideas and knowledge. It is an axis that runs through the site from north to south, with a representative entrance plaza. The axis transforms into a central avenue as it runs down south. The avenue integrates all the buildings of the site, connecting all main entrances of the building through the axis.

The central public space Lake side aisle, landscape bridges, water-viewing deck andlake-front path are added to the public space so that the total landscape areareach to 30,000 square meters. When taking a walk in the park, people are allowed to enjoy the unencumbered lake-view meanwhile seeking a scenic corner for resting and relaxing. The multi-function for public areas breaks through the restriction of traditional industrial park, as it contains communication venues, attractive outdoor space and facilities, and serviced apartment with entertainment and business functions. Hence, a new and attractive working and living environmentis created by the mixture of urban and nature.


For emerging creative and multi-functional office parks, would like to say...

Normally, industrial production should be separated from living quarters according to traditional working surroundings and urban modals. However, in's opinion, innovative industrial park is going to be mixed with diversified functional sections rather than stay in the edge of the city. Then, companies tend to have opportunities to be clustered with different kinds of firms and academic institutions, whose working surroundings should be much more comfortable and able to facilitate their cooperation and coordination. As an international park, Jiulonghu is equipped to serve headquarters, functional institutions, innovative platforms, listed companies and etc. Meanwhile, it has been endowed with unique natural views so that it has responsibility to lead park's industrial transformation and upgrade. The industrial park has already attracted industries from smart grid, new-energy vehicles, internet, high-tech and other key industries so far to enter. Therefore, supported by headquarters and R&D institutions, such kind of parks is developing from traditional production to a brand new position and function. QR.png
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