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Organzied by the global renowned architectural and interior design magazine PERSPECTIVE, the A&D China Awards unveiled its awarded list and held ceremony on 2 December in Hong Kong.'s project Central Plaza won the Excellence of Interior Design Lobby 2019. The project has won several international awards in 2019, including: IREM Best Asset Management - Gold Award of Best Office, Iconic Award Innovation Architecture Selection, and Winner of GDA German Design Award.

WeChat Image_20210804102231.jpg

From 11 to 12 December, the 3rd GBE Office Building Forum and BGE Best Office Building Awards were successfully held in Shenzhen, focusing on three main topics including the headquarters, industrial park and co-working space.'s project - Gusu CBD Sortware Park won the GBE Best Office Building Award 2019 for best planning.

Frank Krueger, creative director and co-founder of gave a lecture on Adding Value Through Informed Design during the forum. Mr. Krueger said, " has always used FS+AEI which is a feasibility study+asset enhancment initiative, to successfully solve the client's positioning problem in the early stage and added value to it after. This is also a cross-disciplined and strategic solution." logon has posted two projects from Mr. Krueger's speech earlier wechat - Shanghai Huibao Group R&D Office Center and Jiulonghu International Headquarters Park.


On 12 December, organized by the Urban Land Institute (ULI), the Shanghai Urban Regeneration Case Studies and Project Life Cycle Seminar was held at Cushman & Wakefield's Shanghai. Wang Fang, CEO and co-founder of, also the co-chairman of Urban Regeneration Product Council, gave a lecture on Added Value on Asset Management for Urban Regeneration.

She said: "we are entering into the stage for organic urban renewal. How to renew, reposition, and efficiently manage stock assets has become the core issue. logon has created its own working methodology in the years of practice, such as Central Plaza, F659 and Shanghai Glass Museum which are, under the guidance of operational design thinking - through the feasibility study and asset enhancement initistive to achieve added-value after regeneration. "


On 20 December, China Urban Regeneration Research Institute (CURRI) held a field trip to 10 outstanding urban regeneration projects in Shanghai, which unveiled during 3rd China Urban Regeneration Forum (held on 22 Nov.) As one of the 10 stops, logon's project - Ascendas Plaza received about 50 attendees to visit. Wang Fang, CEO and co-founder of, also the academic lecturer for the institute gave insight presentation to the project: "Many office buildings in the urban core areas have entered into the second phase operation. It means the asset value will decline and impact on the surroundings if no renewal. It is a must to have experienced designers to provide solutions, for effectively save the costs and maximize value, besides various unexpected problems during the urban renewal. " QR.png
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