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On this ten years' anniversary for 800 show, we retrospect the fruitful pastand outlook for brighter future, having our exciting story goes on.

The 800 Show x Jia Zuo Design Festival launched its grand opening, as well as celebrating the 10th anniversary of the 800 Show on November 27, 2019 at the main hall of Shanghai 800 Show Cultural and Creative Industry Park. In spite of celebrating, the event also gave review and outlook for its 10 years fruitful management supported by the Business Council of Jing’an district Shanghai and the Shanghai Cultura land Creative Industries Association.

Lu Xiaodong, party secretary of the Jing'an District Committee, recalled in his opening speech: "Ten years ago, it was an abandoned area here at No. 800 Changde Road with several old factory buildings. This 115-meter long main hall was fully filled with various industrial and domestic wastes. You even needed to wear a safety helmet when was in and out of here. In November 2009, after a year and a half of careful design and reconstruction, the dusty pearl shined again!"

WeChat Image_20210804102231.jpg

In the past ten years, the 800 Show has not only been the only designated off-site venue of the Shanghai World Expo, but also the venue for international cultural events such as the Shanghai Fashion Week Show, Shanghai Art Festival, and Forbes Forum. Lu said: "Although many people are operating industrial parks now, not everyone can manage the park well and sustainably. The 800 show is one of the successful projects."


Thanks to the 10th anniversary, 800 Show specially invited Ms. Wang Fang, the co-founder and CEO of, to announce the official release of the 800 Show Cultural andCreative Industry Park White Paper – the Ten-year Operational Summary andStrategic Thinking of People-oriented Concept, showcasing to the industry players inside and outside how to design from the users’ perspective, andin-depth analysis of the successful experience of space creating, event hosting, and property operation since its opening. The books structure isincluding: the response to economic policies, positioning & design strategy, implementation measures, and three major operating pillars.


Professional designers and experts were invited to the penal discussion for symbiotic development of urban renewal and cultural creativity from different perspectives.

Wang Fang shared: " has grown up with the 800 Show in the past ten years. I am very excited to see many old friends and fellows on this special day! 800 Show has witnessed Shanghai's transition from a post-industrial city to the global service-oriented city; witnessed the fundamental change of society's attitude towards creative industries and the construction ofindustrial sites; as well as witnessed the significant development of Shanghaiurban renewal. Compared with other completed industrial parks built along with oreven after 800 Show, she has a life cycle extended and continuously growing!" will share more about White Paper in the following WeChat posters, please stay tuned! QR.png
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