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“Looking at the beginning and end of an architectural design project,what is your favorite moment?” This is a question that onceraised. Our answer is that after the project is completed three, five or tenyears, it will be time to see whether the renovated project is truly “reborn”.Then 800 show of outstanding performance in the ten years of operation, that isto witness the operational mindset and forward-looking of logon's design.

WeChat Image_20210804102231.jpg

Since 2009, 800 Show has entered its 10thyear of operation. The 800 show has been continuously strengthening its brandand positioning, maintaining its operational philosophy and team of continuityand development, making it one of the center of Shanghai's cultural andartistic life gathering places. Three reasons laid the foundation for the success of the 800 show park:

Right location for the right industry,right functions and spaces for the right people. This is the starting point for the 800show design, witnessing the continuous, cyclical positive feedback ofsuccessful place.

Atthe 800 show, place making focus on people and activities, integrated work, leisure and culture. The creative class's need for space is interactive,diverse and inclusive.

The event hall has always played the role of city name cards and park brandlandmarks. Since 2009, the event hall has hosted a large number of events and exhibitions, Achieving a successful transformation from the design of the lossleader to the profit leader. In the case of a 60% occupancy rate for the whole year, the average annual rent is the same as that of the surrounding retails.

Continuous investment and operation isanother important factor in the success of the 800 show. The annual propertyinvestment and clear operational management standards make the 800 showcontinue to exude her commercial appeal, and the occupancy rate is steadily maintained at 95%—99%. The F&B positioning is clearly not for profit, itis the facilities of the creative office, providing a variety of restaurantchoices, correct outdoor retail seats strategy to guaranteed the easy management. Thequality of the tenants is controlled, creating a sense of community in thepark, managing the tenant's display on the ground floor, ensuring the overallimage of the park. All of these makes office rents steadily at a higher level.


Logon.designis still updating the news of the 800 show. to see if they are effective inpreserving architectural diversity, user diversity and stimulating community diversity. For the team of, their "favorite moments" arestill going on, and the 800 show seems to have its own unique business card now.

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