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Central Plaza

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The Central Plaza is adjacent to Shanghai People's Square and surrounded by the Shanghai Cultural Museum, MOCA Contemporary Art Circle, Shanghai Museum, Shanghai Grand Theatre, and many other cultural landmarks. Inspired by the cultural surrounding nature of the area, the concept of the project is the interconnection of the landmarks creating a focal point. The same cultural interconnection is where the logo and visual identity is conceived.


Since the space in the lobby is very limited, the team created a simple and unified modern space with the concept of building a "focus point". The lobby materials are two single-piece white aluminum and grey seamless terrazzo floor. White horizontal lines and elements of white glass handrails emphasize on the multi-layered feel of the space supported by black columns as the pillar structure.

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The design of the elevator hall in the office building is full of innovative elements. Entering from the lobby, its unique perforated ceiling lighting design avoids direct glare and hides the building's facilities such as vents and sprinklers. The aluminum panel wall, the lighting elements on the wall, and the terrazzo floor create a cool and modern office space entrance.


The lobby is considered as the connection between retail and office. To achieve this the team had to adjust the retail area, create a better commercial entrance and meet users needs. The front entrance is connected to the newly built wooden platform along the side of the building, from front to back, providing more outdoor seating space for the restaurants on the first floor.



The entrance to the building is connected to the backyard garden. The square is surrounded by greenery. The gallery connected to it is open to all tenants in the building and provides space for exhibitions, events, and conferences. Such an urban back garden is rare in the city center and provides a good place to rest, talk and meet.


The open space around the Central Plaza building has also been upgraded to enhance the user's arrival experience the and architectural image. Simplicity and cleanliness concept is applied in the main entrance. The secondary entrance It is connected to the elevator lobby, no longer an inconspicuous passage for transporting goods. It is now carefully designed to serve the guests. The lush plant walls lead guests into the building and create a connection of the inside with the exterior the building. QR.png
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