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Central Plaza Opening Ceremony

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Central Plaza official opening ceremony took place Tuesday, May 28th. CEO, Wang Fang, and Creative Director Frank Kruger attended along with Vanke board of members.

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During the day, natural light projects from the skylights and façades, and the white interior design elements of the lobby are beautifully illuminated with natural light. At night, the innovative non-glare lighting system will illuminate the entire space. "
In 2016 it was bought by V Capital, who commissioned with a one-stop design solution package for their Asset Enhancement Initiative (AEI). The package included landscape, facade, lighting, interior, and signage design.
"Target groups


The AEI's goals were to review, upgrade and rebrand the building, enhance the user comfort, to match contemporary market trends and needs. The newly designed Central Plaza, which is LEED Gold certified, provides modern office spaces, as well as space for retail, food, and beverage.

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