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Home Inn NEO 3.0 Nominated GDA Awards

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We are proud to announce that has been nominated for Home Inn NEO 3.0 as "Excellent Architecture: Hotel" German Design Awards 2020.

Homeinn NEO with colorful and homely aesthetic language is located at 1151 Pujian Road, Pudong district, Shanghai. This hotel is part of three different Home inn hotel brands series and one of seven hotels designed by

We are very happy to see that hard work does pay off.

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"HUN FANG" a term referring to a couple's first apartment before marriage. survey shows that more than 80% of men said they do not want to live with their parents in order to truly achieve "family establishment." Under the current social mechanism and real-life needs, buying a house is the first priority for young people’s autonomy. Although contemporary young people may have limited income and savings, the demand for good quality in housing house will not be affected, for they are aware of product innovation. The market demands functionality, quality, energy conservation, environmental protection measures, and the use of new building materials."
Three years ago renovation project design for Beijing Home Inns++ won“Special Mention" German Design Awards 2017.


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