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AIFEEL Hotel: Scenario Extension of Non-Standardized Hotel

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AIFEEL Hotel as a new upgraded brand of Motel, continues with the theme of travel. The brand breaks through standardized products, designed with a youthful aesthetic style. It provides urban business travelers with work-life balanced accommodation option.

AIFEEl Hotel located is at No. 3 Xujiahui Road, Huangpu District, close to Yuyuan Garden and Xintiandi. The design concept is "On the Way". On the way looking for a cozy and beautiful place. Turn the street corner, meet AIFEEL hotel.

WeChat Image_20210804102231.jpg

AIFEEL chooses youthful furnishings and diverse colors, targeting young business travelers from 20-35.

Brand elements are applied based on the feelings of urban travelers. A starry sky wall is designed in the public area, which is like a quiet starry river with little glimmers of light. The circular reception desk and the upper lighting were inspired by the orbit and time-lapse photography.

Pendant light in dining-room, headlamps in book bar and door lights in front of room are all inspired from street lamps, as a warm greeting on the way.

Soft decorations such as wallpaper, hanging pictures, curtains and pillows all come from the totem elements developed by logon team. Geometric patterns abstracted from bird view of the city, give guests the chance to imagine themselves wandering in the street.

AIFEEl applied new concept of borderless Commons as a social and spiritual place in the hotel, break the boundaries of the lobby lounge area, book bar, restaurant and other public facilities.

Furniture and contrast materials are used to divide the large space, walking paths are extended, rich the experience along the way. On the way, meet fortune around the corner.


Millennials care more about living experience rather than big rooms. The Harvard Business Review Center pointed out that the primary factor in providing a satisfactory customer experience is not to please customers, but to reduce the time and effort required to get service. By conducting extensive consumer testing to understand people's habits during their stay, logon focuses more on functionality, efficiency and comfort of the room.

Guest room consists of sleeping, work and entertainment area. Brand elements such as city silhouettes are combined with furniture designed by logon to create comfortable and impressive highlight space.

In the area without lighting, a Japanese-style courtyard is created through the design of the landscape and lighting. The small details of the design make the guests feel worthwhile and the owners feel value-added.

logon has designed the “Fun Accommodation” rather than a standard room, to meet the living requreiment of Z generation. In the future, "Non-standardized" hotel like AIFEEL will be the new trend. QR.png
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