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Low Carbon Design, logon In Action

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For over 17 years logon aims to make every project more sustainable. We design sustainable environments to truly embrace the needs of the users.

logon has built a innovation platform to support sustainable design. The platform consists the teams of logonLAB, logonINNO and logonSMART. The team members include registered architects, registered planners, Leed AP, Well AP, Reset AP, Passivehaus AP and other professionals.

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Platform responsibilities, on the one hand, the platform members and the design team share knowledge and work together; on the other hand, it becomes an interactive platform for clients. The platform members to communicate and understand client needs, helping them to analyse and clarify goals, to assess and screen environmental certification systems and to develop corresponding sustainable strategies for their projects.

Based on the proven certification system and knowledge framework, logon has developed its own sustainable ultra-low energy design and analysis tool. The tool consists of a standardised workflow, evaluation systems and simulation software to help design teams efficiently carry out sustainable design.


In terms of project practice, logon's sustainable design runs through the entire process from conceptual design to operation. More than a dozen projects have been awarded international environmental certifications, including German Ultra Low Energy, German Passive Building, China Green Building, China Ultra Low Energy, LEED, WELL, Reset, etc.

In the future, we will further incorporate sustainability into our core business. We deliver innovative and sustainable solutions, perfectly tailored to location and context.

On May 20th, this Friday, 13:00-15:00, logon will talk at “ULI ESG Leadership Training Program”, themed on " Sustainable Design”. We sincerely invite everyone to sign up. QR.png
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