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Huibao Plaza

Client : Maida Industrial
Location : Pu Dong, Shanghai, China
Type : Office, Retail
Service : Architectural Design
Status : Built
Site Area : 12,100 m²
GFA : 16,900 m²
FAR : 1.39

The project is comprised of two symmetrical towers set on two separate podiums. With a total height of 128m, the towers are the highest buildings in the area of Jining National High-tech Industrial Development Zone and serve as landmarks. The center is an office, hotel and retail development with restaurants, conference and training facilities. The two podiums run parallel to the street, but the towers are slightly tilted towards each other, creating an architectural dialogue. The slightly curved north and south facades and their tops allow a dynamic and vibrant perception of the towers. The towers feature the same façade structure, material, and design principle– as reflected in the horizontal solar shading system. The parapets are not only an extension of the towers but also shelter the rooftop gardens from direct sunlight. The prefabricated components help reduce construction cost and can be easily installed QR.png
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