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A New Ultra Low Energy Building-Junwon HQ

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Sunday March 28th 2021, the foundation stones of the new Headquarters of Junwon were laid in Lingang New City, Shanghai. The site is located in the Science Innovation Headquarters Bay of Lingang, between Di Shui Lake and the Middle Greenbelt Ring park.

WeChat Image_20210804102231.jpg

The project comprises 3 buildings covering 35,000sq.m, arranged around and oriented towards a central garden. Offices and facilities are located on the lower floors, while the top floors of the main office tower will provide offices, show rooms and an experience center for the Junwon Headquarters, overviewing the garden and the surrounding parks.


As Junwon’s business - thermal building insulation - is focusing on green and energy efficient building technologies, the project will not only be a representative landmark building, but will feature the latest technologies in energy efficient building design. Inspired by the German Passive House concept, the buildings are designed to maximize user comfort, while minimizing energy consumption and CO2 footprint. QR.png
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