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Ecologically Healthy Urban Space

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Must the progress of human society come atthe expense of the global environment?

It is human’s living and manufacturing that hurt nature and broke the balance between man and nature. In the early 2020, the COVID-19 suffering has multiplied people's negative emotions, stress and anxiety. Due to which, people havestarted to rethink their living environment by focusing on creating more ecologically healthy urban space. Their demand for emotion healing and pressure release is increasing.

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The healthy landscape is to apply the natural environment or atmosphere to help people eliminate anxiety, calm their minds, increase health and emotional well-being. It is a way to strengthen people's physical and mental health. The healthy landscape also can enhance the space value and achieve the social order and stability.

A harmonious public space creates contagious scene and positive interaction with people inside. In the future, people will need public space that is ecologically healthy and humanistic care; meanwhile, that can be flexibly with intergraded function to use in different time and for different people. seamlessly integrates professions and internal departments to ensure that every plan is finalized in a inholistic way, which is two dimensional service: multi-disciplinary and a whole cycle service. The landscape design by logon is more resilient, vital, healthy and valuable for the urban public when intergraded with the whole design projects. Two projects introduced below showcases how ecologically healthy urban space added value to architectures.


Central Plaza

As an urban regeneration project, upgraded the open space in terms of accessibility, functioning and outlook.
The main entrance is decorated with modern and simple paving, soft lighting design. The advertising space echo to the building’s transparent glass facade.
The secondary entrance is decorated with lush plant wall creating a comfortable entry and connecting to the backyard garden.
Greenery, benches, landscape walls and lighting in the plaza's backyard create a semi-open public space, serving for the staff to relax. The wooden outdoor platform directly leads to the indoor gym. It also can be used for style exhibitions and meetings. QR.png
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