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The Rebirth Of Ocean Tower

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logon new work of office modernization and interior design, Ocean Tower, the grade A office building. Ocean Tower located at the Bund area, where the former international trade area of Shanghai. It’s modern classic Art Deco building style perfectly fits to the surrounding. Beginning of 2021, the public spaces of Ocean Tower finished upgrading.

WeChat Image_20210804102231.jpg

Ocean Tower’s overall architecture style and MEPs are in good condition. Considerate the operation needs and approval risks, the public spaces are redesigned and upgraded without changing the struture. has improved the overall image of the public spaces and rebranded the building through design, while considering the investment cost and current tenants. Now, the new Ocean Tower is ready to get into it’s next life phase, to meet the evolving requirements of the market.


The design idea is from the property’s well-known name: Ocean Tower.

The soft curves and smooth materials of the new interior design provide a strong contrast with the linear and vertical facade. The shapes, light, and colors present the image of ocean, as well as honoring the traditional role of Shanghai as the international port of China.

Cleaned up the messy surroundings to improve the accessibility. Curves and waves of the outdoor landscape set up the theme, like waves lapping at buildings. Added modern green spaces, upgraded the shop front, and enhanced the arrival experience.

The new, curvy canopy defining the entrance while connecting facade, drop off area, landscape, and interior spaces. QR.png
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